Jun. 8th, 2010 05:56 pm

I just asked my father for favour and he used the phrase, "No problem." I have never heard those two words leave his mouth, one after another. It is usually just the first word.

He also heard me complaining about having no more electrical outlets left in my room, and he came home with two Rotating Power Blocks tonight (they are so awesome)--and just gave one to me.

I think he may be into the hard drugs...

This will not really be funny unless you were a Saved By the Bell fan. :P I almost died laughing.

Well, this weekend was eventful! I decided it was time to leave the big city for a while and spend some time with family in Aurora, Ontario. This weekend, for some reason, felt like more than two days.

I went up Friday afternoon and just lounged for a bit until dinner was ready. The weather has been really summer-like, so we ate dinner on the patio. We watched The Time Traveler's Wife, which was pretty dull but it was sort of interesting too. I had an early night because we were headed off to Waterloo, Ontario in the morning.

I have not really explored much of Canada despite living here my entire life and somehow visiting Europe a handful of times. I have visited more places outside of Canada than I have inside Canada, and it is kind of pathetic. Needless to say, I was excited to finally visit somewhere I had never been: St. Jacobs. The car ride was about an hour and a half (which felt way longer). It was really, really hot out and the sun was scalding, but I sucked it up. We visited the very popular St. Jacobs Farmers' Market, which is a huge outdoor market with tons of vendors and food, completely crawling with people. Not exactly my cup of tea, usually, but I was okay anxiety-wise aside from the fruit tents (which were just way too hot and packed). We walked around for over three hours, and I managed to find some cool jewelry stands and bought some neat lampwork glass necklaces. We got some hot apple fritters, and my family members picked up some produce. They had everything there. Meats, cheeses, fruit, vegetables, handmade furniture, jewelry, clothing, accessories, hats, shoes, plants, flowers, garden supplies, etc. There were a lot of craft vendors selling their handmade stuff. We got a huge cup of handmade lemonade; it was $5 but so worth it. Hah.

It was so, so hot out. My god. I obviously did not have a wireless Internet signal there but it must have been in the high 30s or maybe even early 40s with the humidex. I slathered myself with sunscreen and still ended up looking like this:

That is after only three hours (and three applications of sunscreen before I even stepped out of the car). And you should see my face and scalp. My entire forehead is red, as is my nose and parts of my cheeks. My scalp is bright red and I know it is going to peel. Gross. You have no idea how much pain I am in. It does not matter if I wear sunscreen; that is what happens to my skin within an hour or so of being out in the sun. I just burn to a crisp and I hate it. The same thing happened to me on the boat last year at the cottage. We were out there for five hours, and I was putting sunscreen on every fifteen minutes and still, I burned big time. My skin is just so pale and so sensitive. I could barely sleep last night. Just having my shirt on hurts, forget lying on my back. I have been applying aloe after-sun but it is not doing anything to help the pain.

Anyway, after the farmers' market we visited a quaint little town: Fergus, Ontario. Certainly, I could never live in such a place but it was nice to visit. With street names like Cambridge, Glasgow, Dublin, Essex, Yorkshire and Bristol... it is exactly what you would expect. Fergus has strong Scottish roots, so it was nice to experience a bit of my heritage right here in Ontario. They even have the Fergus Highland Games, complete with bagpipes and dancing. That would be neat to go to sometime. We took a look at Grand River (where I unfortunately saw a dead beaver and nearly cried). The shops were beautiful; I wanted everything in sight but it is all ridiculously expensive. I went into one shop that could, I swear, be the single store I would decorate my entire home with (if I were rich). It was hard to resist all of the jewelry... but I am broke so it is not like I had a choice. Hah. They had so much beautiful, Celtic jewelry though. When I do have some money, I want to go back and buy some. The town was so packed with arts, crafts and nice food shops. Again, not where I would want to live but certainly very nice to visit. Sometimes a busy city can be a bit too much to handle on a daily basis, and I do not mind experiencing these quieter places when I go out of town. Even if I could not do it myself, I like seeing the way other people live. I admire that these people seem to have so much less but seem... a hell of a lot happier.

There were so many Mennonite (Christian Anabaptist) farmers at St. Jacobs, and it really makes you think. Most Mennonites started arriving in Canada in the late 1700s, originally from Germany-speaking countries but relocating from Pennsylvania. A lot of the rural areas around St. Jacobs are populated with Mennonites, and they still maintain 19th century customs. They estimate over 200,000 are settled in Canada. These people first came to the Waterloo area in the 1800s and are still there. That alone is so neat. I suppose they are quite comparable to the Amish. Most have jobs in agriculture and run farms. Although there are different congregations of Mennonites, most of the ones that populated the area are Old Order Mennonites. Like Old Order Amish, they do not use modern day technologies such as electricity or motorized transportation. This means no cars, no cell phones, no iPods... and a traditional farming lifestyle. They use a horse and buggy to get around. They are quite strict with entertainment, especially music. Most reject the idea of state-run public schools, and in Canada they have private elementary schools, high schools and colleges. They dress conservatively, and the women must wear long skirts and cover their shoulders and cleavage. Women do not wear make-up and are discouraged from wearing jewelry, aside from a wedding ring. The women have very long hair, braided, and most wear bonnets. They are also pacifists, a very peaceful people against violence and war.

Everything the Mennonites were selling was handmade. They even had animal auctions there, to purchase farm animals. It was all very interesting. I have no idea how you can continue to live as people did hundreds of years ago in this day and age, but I admire it. There are downsides to the Mennonite way of living, but it would likely have some upsides too. Imagine how much your stress level and blood pressure would decrease without the worries of modern day technologies?

A picture of the jewelry I got (four necklaces, two pendants):

I adore the fact that these guys love each other so much that they just have to sleep close together all the time. I remember when we first got Salem, Shadow could not stand him. If Salem sat next to Shadow, Shadow would get up and walk away. It was so sad. But now they are just like brothers. Sometimes I even see Shadow initiate and go out of his way to sleep beside or cuddle close to Salem. It is just the cutest thing ever. ♥

The many pupils of Shadow:





I finally get around to posting this final entry half way through May. Hah.

My something random:


Photos from Adam's new video. I seriously have no other words.


Okay, so Adam Lambert tickets are secured. The seats are horrible. They have level 100, which is the pit (I am not going in that), level 200, 300 and 400. For the pre-sale, there were no level 200 seats that were coming up and I was just fuming mad. I checked later, after the tickets were purchased, and then only level 200 seats were coming up! The seats we have are level 300 in row D, which is decent for that level, but there will be a shitload of people in front of us which means I will likely not be able to see a damn thing. I have been to this venue before (I am pretty sure also section 300) to see Radiohead and had such a shitty time because I could not see the band at all. I am short and there were too many people in front of us to see a damn thing. If this concert is ruined for the same reason, I will be pissed.

The second thing... I had my best friend promise to come with me but she has bailed on me at the last minute (she told me last night she could not go because she has to work and does not want to lose the day of pay). She is a huge Adam fan but I guess not as much of a fan as I am; I would be willing to lose a day of pay and then some to see him. I am rather upset about it. I do understand not wanting to take the time off, but at the same time, this is a one-time deal and it will be a long while before there is an opportunity again. So Sean has reluctantly agreed to go if I cannot find anyone else, which is lame for him and for me. I wanted to go with someone who wanted to go, not someone I had to drag. I am just really upset over this whole thing.

The third thing... two days before this pre-sale, KISS FM radio announced it will be sponsoring this show and they have now turned it into some outdoor concert with other bands! Fuming mad at this. Fuming. There are four other bands and this automatically means Adam will not be playing a whole set. What the hell?! So now I have to sit through a bunch of bands I hate or have not heard of just to see Adam, who will now have his show cut short.

I mean, could this have gone any more WRONG? I would like to think I will just have a good time anyway, but if I cannot see a thing, what is the point? I still cannot believe Ticketmaster. I think they did that on purpose. They must have released those 200 level seats after 10:00 because there are no shortage of them now. Every time I search for "Best Available," 200 level seats come up. (Some that are 16 rows in front of what we have now.) I mean, WTF?!

I think I am just going to go back to bed. I cannot even stand to think about this anymore. I am so pissed off.


All of my goals for this year are practical. Not much fun. I need to tackle these important things before even thinking about out-of-country travel, starting my own business or much else. :\ Although it feels like I have had these same goals for a billion years, I have to keep reminding myself it has only been three. I have to start working harder to achieve them.

-Obtain a decent job.
-Move to a new apartment.
-Keep to a weekly work-out routine with Wii Fit.
-Enroll in Technical Writing certificate program.
-Enroll in Make-Up Artistry certificate program.
-Continue contributing to Move Out Fund.
-Continue paying off student debt.
-Contribute consistently to a savings account.
-Some semblance of a 2010 summer vacation if I can pull it off financially.
-Adam Lambert concert! ♥


Just finishing up my 30 Days of Tumblr/LJ here. I know I am late with the next three entries but things have been a bit busy this week. I am determined to finish this 30-day challenge.

And now...

Skyler's Favourite Internet Cat (a hard title to earn)! It's Maru!

If you have not heard about this cat by now, shame on you. ;) Maru is a beautiful, chubby-but-active Scottish fold kitty with a loving and dedicated owner, made famous on YouTube for obvious reasons. Maru is playful, very unique and endlessly entertaining. Gentle, curious and understandably lovable. I got very attached to Maru after just the first video I saw. Every video will make you smile and laugh; Maru is absolutely priceless! There is just a fascination that comes along with Maru, always engaged in some activity or challenge. There are many, many videos so feel free to check the others out by user "mugumogu." There are endless Maru antics to explore!


Ten random facts you may not know about me...

01. I have mild OCD. Two examples: I need to feel that both hands are equally wet/clean when I wash them, otherwise I have to go back and wash them again. I also need to have all limbs covered by a blanket in bed at all times. Arms and legs/feet need to be covered, otherwise I cannot go to sleep.
02. I probably have the largest tea collection you have ever seen.
03. I am obsessed with horror films. I enjoy both old school and newer, but old school horror tends to be better than most current-day trash.
04. I have been cyber-married. Twice. *hangs head in shame*
05. I have watched every DVD I own at least twice, most more than that.
06. I think the way sea creatures are killed and/or cooked is unbelievably cruel (especially lobsters); I would not eat seafood even if I liked it.
07. I do not own a single pair of shorts or a dress.
08. I am absolutely terrified of growing old and death/dying.
09. The only songs I ever thought were in my 'range' were by No Doubt and Oasis.
10. Even though I absolutely love all bright colours now, I despised them less than a few years ago and used to wear nothing but black.


So I am going to be editing the next few Tumblr days to "Something Random." Heh. I refuse to go into great detail about my day, week, month and year (which is only three months in).

Okay, so... today I discovered (actually, rediscovered) the tea site ADAGIO.COM. Most tea freaks have probably heard of this site, but if you love tea and have not, visit! They have the most extraordinary collection of loose leaf teas and sell samples (10 cups worth) for $2. This is such a great way to test several teas before investing in a larger quantity. Teas vary so widely, and some just taste like water. I find this option of sampling so handy.

They offer the following types of teas: black, chai, oolong, white, green, herbal, rooibos, decaf, blooms, iced and--my favourite--blends. Their "Signature Blends" section is amazing: create your own tea from hundreds of flavours/types! You pick three flavours, adjust the percentage of each flavour in the tea, design your own label and either keep it private or allow others to buy it (earning you "cup points"). There are so many great concoctions people have created, everything from a whole Zodiac Series to a "Twilight Fan" tea (dewy cherry, wild strawberry, blood orange). I just really love the fact that you can create your own freaking teas for $10. Shipping is very reasonable too. So far I have created Tropical Cherry Orange and Raspberry Lime Passionfruit. YUM.

I also discovered Stash Tea's Coconut Mango Oolong Tea today. It is absolute heaven. A sweet, smooth tea with a refreshing, fruity taste. I got that island vibe. Certainly a unique flavour. Love it. I also discovered I am a fan of Oolong tea. How could I have called myself a tea enthusiast without tying Oolong before?! It is amazing.

P.S. Adam Lambert is officially coming to Toronto! Woo! The tour date for Toronto was finally announced a few days ago: June 19th! I have been obsessively refreshing my Ticketmaster tab because they have not announced when the tickets are going on sale, so I have to keep a close eye on it. So annoying.


Something random that has been a serious problem lately: my Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. For those who do not know, my apartment was robbed (while I was in it, sleeping) in December 2006, three and a half years ago. We assumed it was either one of my father's friends since they robbed us between the time he left for work and came home for lunch. The criminal seemed to know his schedule or was watching us for a period of time to figure it out (what they did not know is that I was on winter break from school). Or it could have been one of the hired workers for the apartment balconies (who could have entered from the balcony with the hanging platform they were using). We had about $10,000 worth of equipment stolen. I did not wake up and I assume they would have stolen more had they not come down the hall and realized I was there. I know they must have seen me, laid eyes on me. It is so terrifying to know a robber was in this apartment, looking at me without my knowledge. It was easily one of the most traumatic experiences in my life, and it left me with a severe case of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that still persists today. I do not think anyone in my offline life actually knows the severeity of this PTSD, but there is no fooling myself. "Robbed" certainly has a double meaning here. We installed a security alarm after that and changed the second lock, but none of this has helped me feel safe.

Throughout 2007, I had a series of nightmares where I would imagine various people breaking into the apartment. It quickly spun into sleepless nights, month after month. I am alone every weekend, and those nights are even worse. Even now, I frequently think I hear noises in the living room and have to get up out of bed to go and check. I sometimes just sit straight up in bed, in the dark, my eyes wide open, just listening with my heart pounding so hard that I strain to hear anything else in my ears. I will do this four hours, unable to fall asleep because I am so scared. I will watch Salem, who usually sleeps with me. The slightest perk of his head toward the living room and I will get up and go check again, fearing someone is out there. One time I even called the police because I thought someone was on my balcony. I do this getting-up-checking-getting-back-into-bed for hours. I have been doing this again lately, on a weekly basis.

I have fooled myself into thinking sunlight is safer. I will just sit up in bed, waiting for it. I will have all the lights in the apartment on until the sun rises. Even dawn is not good enough; the sun has to be up and out for me to sleep. This is, of course, ridiculous: I was robbed in daylight. It was between 9a.m. and 11a.m. This bahavior has been consistent since 2006, but some months are worse than others. It took about four months after the robbery to get a full night's sleep, and sometimes it is still impossible. I get these panic attacks at least a few times a month, sometimes more. Lately, it is every single week.

I am pondering going to my doctor about this. There is no way I can continue living this way. And to be honest, I do not think going back to counseling will help. Talking about this will not help. That will not make my feelings go away. Talking will not normalize things because I am acting completely rational. Well, other than hearing noises that may or may not be there... I suppose that is not entirely rational. But the fear is rational after what happened to me. Anyone who has been robbed is never the same. I suppose some people may deal with it better than I am, but there is always a fear of being robbed again and a sense of feeling unsafe in your own home that never fully goes away. The last thing I want is medication, but maybe that is the only way. The anxiety is uncontrollable. It does not matter what I do to relax. No amount of deep breathing or distracting myself will help; I am still always listening for noises. This does just not seem like it can be dealt with in a cognitive way. No amount of reasoning will stop me from feeling this way, or at least that is how it feels.

This is all just incredibly repetitive and stressful. Almost every night, the same thing. Awake in my bed, my room dark but the rest of the apartment lights on, my heart pounding, listening for noises. Investigating every small noise I do hear, which is more often than not my blinds hitting the window sill due to the wind. And what am I going to do if it actually does happen again? I fear it happening again so much that if it did happen, I would be so ill-prepared and unable to cope.


I really hate the next few questions and I may substitute. My days are quite boring lately, and I really have nothing to write about in terms of daily activities. This year, so far, has sucked, and I have already written about the main events thus far. My days consist of sitting here, churning out job applications, cleaning, working out, cooking and baking. I go out on and off through the week, usually to run errands, to do laundry, to go to dinner or a movie or to visit family. In other words, giving anyone details of my days right now--being unemployed and having little money to do anything--is rather pointless.


By far, the sexiest pairs of shoes I own:

What, were you expecting heels? :P I have the white pair in black as well. Are they Adam-concert-worthy enough? Bwaha. I adore Converse shoes, even if they do make my feet look huge. I like the fact that they have stayed true to their brand name by keeping the base product but changing up the styles to keep them fresh... and even offering customers a way to design their own. Also, their prices are still reasonable. I appreciate that they have not hiked up costs to insane amounts due to popularity. Two thumbs up for Converse! (The only thing I hate is that converse.com does not ship to Canada. Bastards.)


I do not think I have even pimped my own icon community here! So... [livejournal.com profile] deathofanicon. I do not post in it super often but every now and then I go through an icon-making phase and churn out quite a few. My 'specialties' include textless and stock. I like to keep images fairly organic (I do not like to add a ton of elements) but end up with a billion layers playing around with everything else.


Because this man stole my heart with his "Man in the Mirror" cover. (This was actually the other song I pondered posting with the "song that makes you cry" entry.) Not only does Drew have a beautiful voice, but he sang this song with a passion Michael Jackson would have been flattered to see. He touched me to such a degree that I felt compelled to write to him, and when he responded he was so sweet and so humble. I was just blown away. It is the best "Man in the Mirror" cover I have come across on YouTube.


Gaining the trust of wild animals.

See what I mean... )


Oh, boy. I really do not like questions of this sort. I do not like the term "talented" because that implies expertise, and I am not an expert in anything. So instead of listing a "talent," I will list some of the things I have received compliments on or simply acquired skills for over time:

-Learning new software or technologies.
-Web design, to an extent.
-Make-up artistry.
-Caring and having compassion for all animals.
-Listening and giving advice.
-Critiquing various art forms.
-Creative ideas (sometimes).
-Accepting opportunities that come my way.
-Unique style.
-Cooking and baking.
-Being open and honest.
-Making people laugh (sometimes).
-Organizing, leading, executing a plan.

Things I wish I were not so talented at:
-Emotional masochism.
-Putting myself down.
-Worrying what others think of my appearance.
-Purchasing make-up and bath/body products.
-Writing excessively long e-mails.
-Semi-fangirl-like worship.
-Feeling hopeless/angry about animal abuse.
-Editing my writing a million times, even months later.
-Obsessing over certain things until I cave and buy them.


I met a wonderful artist on Facebook a few weeks ago and was completely blown away by her talent. Her name is Holly Phuong Le and I am actually commissioning her to do two drawings for me sometime in the future, one of Adam Lambert and one of Michael Jackson. I am a big fan of portrait artists (not just celebrity portraits but any human portraits), and Holly is one talented artist when it comes to these. Below I have included some of her Adam Lambert portraits and also a couple of Tommy Ratliff (Adam's bass guitarist). The last portrait is her uncle's family. You can find Holly's web site here. Click the images below to enlarge:


For those who know me even a small amount, you know that I am thrilled by the idea of doing nice things for strangers, making strangers smile or starting up conversations with strangers. I just love the dynamic of that stranger-stranger relationship and sparking something from scratch with someone you have never even spoken to. Many of you may have heard of one of the latest YouTube phenomenons "PianoChatImprov." His original video had over 4 million views, so I guess he has over 7 million views total now and was, at one point, the Top-Rated YouTube Video of All Time. His second video has close to 2.5 million views. This guy is amazing. Chat Roulette is a web cam chat site that allows you to leaf through cammers currently online and start up conversations. You are given the option to keep chatting or rotate to the next online user. Merton does piano/singing improv and pokes fun at what cammers are doing or saying on screen, or he sometimes even takes requests. I love that almost everyone responds to Merton with a smile or laugh. That is so awesome to me, and watching these makes my heart beat a bit faster and have a little faith in the world again. I have included both of his Chat Roulette videos below (the headbanger with the popsicle [or whatever it is] cracks me up! He is so into it!). Take a look:


With Mother's Day around the corner, I already feel the same feelings I do ever year: anger, sadness, resentment, longing. "Mother's Day is coming up!" all of my magazine subscriptions and TV commercials scream at me. "Get Mom the perfect gift!" I shake my head. I wish I could pick out the perfect gift for my mother... not because I support commercialism but because I wish I had her here and knew her so well that I could choose the perfect gift and watch the smile on her face as she opened it. This time of year is especially hard for me, and I try to keep it contained because I do not want to rain on anyone else's parade, as jealous as I am that they have mothers and I do not. Mothers should be celebrated.

I think school was the worst... who was I cutting and pasting these cards for? My father. "Happy Mother's Day, Dad." And try getting the other moms to say okay to having their daughters come to a birthday party or sleepover that is chaperoned by a man. Most of the moms were not comfortable with and so my friends could not attend. And even, "So what did your mom pack you for lunch?" How do you even respond to that without crying? My mom never even had the chance to pack me a lunch; she died before I even started school. There were an awful lot of things I needed to conquer on my own, partially because she is not here but partially because my relationship with my father is so non-existent. Sometimes I just get so angry about it: why do all the other girls get help and I am forced to do it alone? I know it made me strong and independent, but I still get upset. But I feel equally as bad for her as I do for myself. She was only twenty-eight and from what I am told, she loved me very much and I feel terrible she will never get to experience the motherhood she wanted.

This song by Jann Arden, called "Good Mother," always makes me cry and sparks the above feelings within me. It is always the last song she plays at her shows. I remember the first time I went to a Jann concert, I was ill prepared for the emotional pull it would have over me. I was coincidentally sitting alone because my legs were hurting and I went to sit on the step in the walkway, and I remember not being able to contain myself. I had no idea what was happening to me. I just started crying. My eyes glaze over at the very least even if I hear it on the radio, but hearing it live is what really gets to me. I know Jann has an intimate relationship with her mother, and she sometimes dedicates the song to her. The song is not even prominantly about her mother or mothers in general, but the message is there. It leaves me longing and lonely. It has a very powerful effect over me. This song just reminds me of what I am missing, and it is just really beautiful in general.

Eek! I have been naughty. I have gotten on the computer so late the past couple of days that by the time I go to do entries, I am too braindead.

Yesterday felt good because I actually went out and did stuff. I had been putting off errands for weeks. I have been putting them off so long that I do recall planning them while I was still working. Unfortunately, I had to go to a mall to do them but I made it out alive. I almost had a panic attack in one of the stores and my face was beet red the entire time, but hey. When I looked in the mirror, I decided to just walk around the mall with my sunglasses on (which lots of people do, oddly) because it was just too embarrassing to give anyone a full view of my face. I really, really hate what happens to me in crowded places. Even though my social anxiety has improved greatly in most other areas, malls have always been the same for me since I developed this 'illness.' The symptoms are very physical so it is not like I can pretend I am not suffering--it is written all over my face. Several people looked at me like I was some kind of freak. I got really self-conscious, hence the sunglasses.

On the upside, it was nice to go shopping without spending any money. I had a myriad of gift cards to spend:

With my Chapters/Indigo gift card I picked up Disney's Alice in Wonderland. I hate that Disney vaults all of their DVDs. It is so stupid waiting months or years for certain DVDs to be (re-)released. But hey, since Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland is out and also owned by Disney, they decided it would be cool to double their merchandise franchise and rake in the cash by re-promoting the animated version. *shakes head* I also picked up a book called Vampires: From Dracula to Twilight: The Complete Guide to Vampire Mythology by Charlotte Montague. I cannot wait to read this. The bookmark is so beautiful. It says "Live, Love, Laugh." It may be cliché but I still need reminders.

The glittery scarf, feather earrings and heart necklace are from Claire's and specifically for the Adam Lambert concert (even though tour dates have not even been announced, haha)! I thought they would be just so perfect to wear for the show. The rainbow make-up bag is also from Claire's. I feel like I am still 13 when I go into that store; everything appeals to me despite my age. It is so fun and colourful, just a visual overload.

The neon socks are from Champs. I had to pick up some t-shirts but also needed socks. Can you tell I am obsessed with bright colours? I have rediscovered a passion for neon. I would not wear neon clothing but I love neon accessories like nail polish or the Converse line of neon shoes. It is just fun and takes me back.

The body creams are from Bath & Body Works. I got Black Raspberry Vanilla, Irresistible Apple and Coconut Lime Verbena. That store smells so good. LUSH makes me kind of sick; it is just too strong and my allergies act up. The Body Shop usually does not smell much. But B&BW is just right. Each place in the store smells different and I almost wish they would come up with a scent that mixed all of their signature scents together. Yum.

On to 30 Days of Tumblr...


The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky. I am not sure why I am so attracted to these coming-of-age novels about boys, but this is yet another one I read and loved. Chbosky is a fantastic, elegant writer. He captures exquisite, important moments in this novel that I have no doubt stemmed from personal experiences. This book is funny and touching in a very real, very memorable way. Charlie, the fifteen-year-old protagonist, still stands out in my mind as one of the most well-written characters in any novel I have read. He is sweet, endearing, curious and intelligent. He is a little awkward and still learning, and the way he goes about it is perfectly human and perfectly relatable. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a touching story about a good kid we could all learn a thing or two from.


Kurt Cobain: Journals. I loved reading these. Most people honestly had no idea who Kurt Cobain was or that he was such a kind, caring person with a lot of interesting things to say. He was not just some junkie with a good voice, and I hate that the media portrays him as such. Yes, he had problems; that does not mean he was a bad person. Reading these journals was so eye-opening. I remember skipping school one day and hanging out in my apartment's stairwell (so I was not caught) just to read this book. I know there is controversy about releasing someone's journals, but I think Courtney made the right decision (for once). These journals show you who the true Cobain was and just how much he cared about his music, the music industry and his friends. They also help us understand his complexity, to an extent, and reveal just how intelligent and deep he was. I found myself nodding along so many of his observations.


Oh, boy. One thing?! Britney Spears, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Twilight. I will talk about Twilight though. I really do not understand how these books were turned into a film series. The books are terrible! I know they are made for teens but even still, the dialogue is horrid and Stephanie Meyer is a bad writer for more than that reason. What irks me is that any good writer would be willing to change the story from what it was in their head originally if the writing was guiding itself in a different direction. Meyer refused to acknowledge this and kept writing even though the story did not make sense anymore. It became a mess of people doing things very out of character and readers, even fans, being completely confused with how she arrived at the ending she did. That is not a true writer. A true writer will embrace risk and follow the path it pulls you toward. Not 'this is my book, I want it my way, I want my happy fairytale ending and readers will have to suck it up and like it.' Dumb.

That being said, although I hated the books and Twilight (the first movie), I thoroughly enjoyed the second movie--New Moon--despite the terrible dialogue and weak ending (which was, of course, based off of poorly written dialogue). Once Jacob and the werewolves were a prominent part of the storyline, my interest was peaked. Jacob only makes Bella slightly more tolerable, but Jacob himself is a very interesting character. Who can resist a cliché love triangle? You do not want to like it but you do. I really have no idea why everyone is so head over heels for Edward. He is so overrated. Team Jacob all the way. :P


Did you really think I was going to post a photo? You all know I do not post (recent) photos of myself online. So this is as good as it is going to get. Sorry. It was taken on March 30.


Squee! Must share some more Adam goodness because concert footage was posted yesterday and I have been mulling and drooling over it ever since. ([livejournal.com profile] flourishing, this YouTuber I will link to has the whole set list if you have not seen them yet! I looked at the other ones but she has the best quality.) I am going to include two videos from the show (taken at the River Rock Resort & Casino in Richmond, BC) and a song recently released with his Remixes album called "Voodoo." I cannot get enough of this song. It is just so hypnotizing. I cannot wait until he finally performs this song live.

videos after the jump )



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